• Del Paolo

    Del Paolo

    Classical thick Chocolate. Memorable taste of traditional classical chocolate. For discerning palates who appreciate the full cocoa flavor. Serve warm or cold.
  • Flavored Chocolate Powders

    Flavored Chocolate Powders

    An incredible aromatic experience.
      Available in eight amazing flavors:
    • Chocolate Banoffee No.1,
    • Chocolate Black Forest-Passion Fruit No.2,
    • Chocolate Bueno –Biscuit Nο.3,
    • Chocolate Caramel-Mocca No.4,
    • Chocolate Lemon-Biscuit No.5,
    • White Chocolate Strawberry No.6,
    • White Chocolate Mastic-Rose No.7,
    • Chocolate Orange-Cinnamom No.8.
  • Fredoccino Choco

    Fredoccino Choco

    Chocolate and Coffee smooth flavor.
  • La Vittoria

    La Vittoria

    Chocolate caramel taste. Unique delightful mix of flavors, creamy chocolate combined with soft caramel aroma, a combination of senses that multiplies the enjoyment in one cup. Served warm or cold.
  • Riviera


    hocolate with light Bitter taste. For those who enjoy the full flavor, the undeniable taste of cocoa. A chocolate that exudes aromas which we travel in magical places. Served warm or cold.
  • White Cioc

    White Cioc

    White Chocolate. Velvety texture, great flavor. All advantages of chocolate, disguised in white. Served warm or cold.