Cleaning Coffee Machine

In a bowl pour hot water from the engine up the middle and put it through the filters and the portafilter upright. Pour two tablespoons of scouring powder and let it act for 10-15 minutes. Then take them out and scrub with a sponge, no SOAP but only with water. The portafilter must be clean across the surface and especially in the hole that ends in royksoyni. There is also the point that sits the maca and when is unclean can be very bad for Brown.

Put the blind filter into a portafilter (call it blind because it has no holes) and koympwnoyme in the group. Roll out the continuous stream to run and wait for 4 ''-5 ''. Xanapatame to stop. Repeat 4-5 times and the last leave to run continuity and anoigokleinoyme the Portafilter to clean and the shower. At the end we pass with a rubber brush at the base of the group and with a cloth around the group. Two to three times a week is good to put a teaspoon of powder for cleaning inside the group and do the above procedure twice, one with the powder and one for rinse the dust. On many new machines may notice that no longer put blind filter. Tο wisest is to twist the screens of showerheads and put it on cleaning powder as the Portafilter. It is perhaps easier than the process of with the blind filter but wants greater attention. In this case the Central twist screw the shower or on machines that do not have screw, xekoympwnoyme the sieve and falls on our Grill. Place in powder, rub with the sponge and xanabidwnoyme.

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