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Our Mission.

Vittorio company mission is to provide always high level of services, including quality and stylish products, excellent service by specialized salesmen and premium after-sales support, aiming at the maximum satisfaction of the consumer and the professional.

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Our Vision.

Achieving Total Quality through everyday improvement, with constant growth at all levels (distribution network, human resources, improvement of internal organization and processes) and always with an anthropocentric (consumer, employee, supplier, and every partner satisfaction).

Espresso, Italian word meaning fast.

The espresso coffee is the distillation of 6-9gr coffee ground in 25-35ml and between 20-30 seconds.

Water temperature, 88-90c and 9-10 bar pressure.

4 are the factors that fix the final quality espresso coffee party. 1-the right blend 2-the correct alesma 3-understand machine and 4-the Cheri of baristi. If these 4 factors are in harmony then will we have as result the ideal espresso. The charaktiristika of the espresso is 1-geysitoy 2-swmatoy 3-arwmatoy 4-krematoy (kaimaki). Body of Brown enooyme the sensation pyknotitas. And kaimakitoy must have omoiomorfo colour kaneli with kokines and skoyres rabdwseis. To not remember these 4 charaktiristika should flow from the group, to be synechwmeni without the shuttle and argopories with speed like honey ... we can achieve the rooms the shadow of Brown hitting (20 kgs best) the filling.

Rooms in the 3 parametroys can we have different result every time.

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