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Our Mission.

Vittorio company mission is to provide always high level of services, including quality and stylish products, excellent service by specialized salesmen and premium after-sales support, aiming at the maximum satisfaction of the consumer and the professional.

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Our Vision.

Achieving Total Quality through everyday improvement, with constant growth at all levels (distribution network, human resources, improvement of internal organization and processes) and always with an anthropocentric (consumer, employee, supplier, and every partner satisfaction).

& The last 5 years into the serious katanalwtis the smoothies and apoktoyn any market share that diarkws dieyreinetai. In abroad and especially in America is a product with great big market share and in domestic consumption and in the kafestiasis.

With the OPO ennooyme smoothies a natural product that the Convention is the fresh fruit. In domestic consumption there are great products you can find food in the super market shelfs with fantastic amazing result. one to paraskeyasei bori Natural smoothies in the blender shall help kobontas fruits and chtypontas with the water and eat with milk or yoghurt. This is, however, difficult to reproduce in kafestiasis stores and the reason is it is great chronoboro and great.

Here come the final preparations of smoothies to help the professional to offer a product easy to production with a lower cost than the fresh fruits as well as possible fysikotero amazing result.
There are enough products in the Greek market which apokaloyntai smoothies.

A group of them are the various skones that the wonderful result is offered away from smoothies with fresh fruit. A bad apomimisi and a dysfimisi of food smoothies.

H next category is the fruit poltoi (pulpa) with perfect results very nearby with fresh fruits.
In this category are the fruit smoothies Capri.
A natural product full of energy and vitamins with fruit content 60% from Visoko on the market from real fruit pulpa and with all HACCP-ISO 22000 certifications come capri products in professional offering of the confidence for the product offered to customers.
In 5 food-Strawberry-Banana-raspberry-rodakino-mango.

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