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Our Mission.

Vittorio company mission is to provide always high level of services, including quality and stylish products, excellent service by specialized salesmen and premium after-sales support, aiming at the maximum satisfaction of the consumer and the professional.

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Our Vision.

Achieving Total Quality through everyday improvement, with constant growth at all levels (distribution network, human resources, improvement of internal organization and processes) and always with an anthropocentric (consumer, employee, supplier, and every partner satisfaction).

The basikoteres poikilies Kafe is 2. The coffee arabica and coffee canephora the robusta.

The arabica coffee owns 70% of the world production while the 30% intended the robusta coffee.

The characteristics of kafedwn that ftiachnontai from poikilies arabica is, more aroma, less pikroi, less styfoi, and its robusta to soma, more pikroi and more hard.
But the tasting diafora 2 capsules and big and strength have diafora. The coffee that comes from arabica seeds intended the half almost have strength from a Brown seeds robusta.

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