The Action of coffee

The most known effect of coffee on the nervous system. In reasonable quantities, coffee improves your mental abilities, as it causes alertness and reduce boredom. The main reason is that coffee contains caffeine, an alkaloid that acts as a stimulant.

For this reason usually consumed coffee morning or during labor. More sensitive to the action of caffeine are senior citizens, especially with regard to sleep. Instead, children are more vulnerable than adults, in small doses of coffee. Often, students keep their attention on the long reading requiring the exams, with the help of Brown.
The human brain does caffeine cause vasoconstriction, while in peripheral vessels, dilating. It is not accidental for several drugs for combating migraine.
Drinking too much coffee can cause nervousness, anxiety and insomnia. In most people, marginal amount corresponds 600mg consumption of caffeine a day. Studies have shown that coffee can in high quantities (over 5 grams of caffeine) can cause poisoning, known by the name kafeϊnismos, which can lead to fatal coma. Finally, it should be noted that addiction can be observed in coffee, but not due to caffeine, but because of another component, methylxanthinis.

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