Setting Mill

One of the basikotera parts of the chain to understand Friday party espresso is the knowledge the rythmisis of Milos. Maybe the spoydeoteros.
We energopoioyme the Mylo and apasfalizoyme us in safety. Archizoyme to bidwnoyme the rythmisis rodela SIGA SIGA mexri to akoystei trip one noise will be metalikos from the termatizmoy chalarwnoyme half turn the washer din125 and we insure. Apo ekei it begins the rythmisimas.
First you will find the correct shadow and at the end you will excellent breakfast which is included in dosometriko for grams will be nice we have a scale akribeias. But because was difficult a praktikos way to find the epithymita grams is was the spoon the machine with double dose. Gemizoyme the double spoon until up without intended spaces and without xecheilizei archizoyme to testing the Setup that we have introduced if the correct , Self diapistwnoyme from understand ROI that we will. epithymiti flow must be constant, without argopories like honey. Whether we find the correct setting the diapistwnoyme from the colour to the other and from kaimaki time measurement. Epithymitos stroke for one espresso shedon kai is the 25 sec from the moment that I patisoyme the button. If the Setup that we have introduced very quick ROI then you must gyrisoyme the washer din125 rymisis in which tall shadow. Allazoyme setting with Mylo turned on and apasfalizontas. If the setting is the flow argi Riggers then the shadow should change to what All Mills thick. have eitai deiktes F-C +-eitai. when teleiwsoyme (find the suitable shadow) and after the coffee must be excellent breakfast which is included in dosometriko brings us the grams that was introduced in the last test (gemato spoon). Let them fill the dosometriko to till up and archizoyme the dokimes. The grams of dosometrikoy changes from the lever located at the Center. With time to the left anebazoyme the grams while to the right the katebazoyme. Caution in every change will be bgazoyme at least 3 diples doseis until to see the rythmisimas. when we find that we the katalila grams do the latest dikimi paraskeyazontas an espresso. Self to be xeroyme the shadow that rooms the rooms the grams the hitting in the same Cafe will we have and finally. result. So Kalo einai to testing the coffee that we grow and will do our best according by Mylo. An espresso barys definitely wants less grams and LIGO what quick flow. This is the Cheri of baristi what Brown wants to stay at pelatestoy. The best suitcase is it the baristi correct. you should know that leitoyrgi the Milos and to make the settings every time analoges facing any problem. what up settings for kainoyrgioys myloys. For problems displayed in myloys that supplies tyres and if the grams from the dosometriko is correctly then all you do is to change the shadow with caution always and every time the dokimazontas Kafe. changes in the shadow is with small changes (1-2 dontakia) (+ 1-1) as the Mylo, which we use.
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